If this is the only way to make it exist, let it be then.

I want a handsome, charming man.

He is mature and smart. He doesn’t refuse to be a better person.

He has a good attitude. He is open-minded.

He is different from me.

He is very friendly. We share the same sense of humor.

He’s very comfortable to talk to with.

He’s loyal and honest and accepts himself as he is.

He’s very cool.

He loves travelling. He uses camera.

He’s responsible. He’s polite.

He’s diligent.

He doesn’t smoke.

He’s thoughtful.

He doesn’t judge people based on their appearance or their common label.

He is caring.

He’s simple and easy-going.

He is a hard working man.

He has a lot of friends.

He is sexy.

He likes music.

He is sincere.

He is careful and deft.

He has great personality.

He’s humble.


Silhouettes (by Stephan Tuengler)


Silhouettes (by Stephan Tuengler)

AU: Bruno Mars Ft Philip Lawrence in an old school rap video,filmed in front of a live concert audience in Las Vegas 1992.

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Andrew Bush - Drive (1989-97)

hey if i really am over you

i won’t be mentioning you at all, you know

sometimes we’re better off with the one we want

"I want to stain your lips with my name
So even if years later we aren’t kissing each other,
Girls will still taste the love we had"

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Word of the Day: Misoneism


misoneism \mis-oh-NEE-iz-uhm, mahy-soh-, noun:

hatred or dislike of what is new or represents change.

But it is necessary to note that hereditary anomaly, if it provokes an anomaly in the moral sense, also suppresses misoneism, the horror of novelty which is almost the general rule of…

How it should be..


How it should be..


In honor of November. FLUFFY! 


In honor of November. FLUFFY!